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2021 Organizational Effectiveness Conference Three-Part Virtual Series

Part 1 - Inspire (Highlights here!) Part 2 - Improve Part 3 - Innovate
Friday, January 22, 2021 Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday, October 15, 2021, 12pm - 4:30pm EST

Inspiring people to build and thrive in their communities.  Improving organizational performance through alignment of people, processes and structure. Innovating with enhanced technology and methodologies to be a model of excellence.

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In today’s dynamic landscape of disruption and change, does your organization have the right people, processes and structure in place to achieve its goals -- in the most efficient ways?  In Part 1 of this Organizational Effectiveness virtual series, we kicked off a new year with stories, insights and strategies for inspiring people to build and thrive in their communities. This April, Part 2 focused on operationalizing strategy and culture through continuous improvement of people, structure and processes. In today’s fast-moving and ever-changing landscape, this integrated alignment is more valuable than ever and is key to achieving holistic organizational effectiveness. 

In Part 3, the final piece of this year's three-part series, we will focus on innovating in the way we work and leveraging enhanced technology and methodologies to be a model of excellence within our organizations. This half-day virtual conference will focus on how to innovate in every aspect of your organization including:

1. Platforms and technology: how to leverage current technology and discover new capabilities to improve the way we work to be more effective and efficient.
2. Processes and methodologies: how to refine, optimize, and reinvent the way we work.

More details to follow, and registration will be launching soon!

Benefits of attending:

Fresh Perspectives - Gain fresh points of view from a broad range of speakers, from both Higher Ed and Industry, that will share experiences and inspiring stories to help you shift your perspectives and deepen your understanding of how you can better implement OE principles in the new normal.

Comprehensive Learning - Learning designed for everyone, from individual contributors to enterprise leaders, that will meet attendees at every stage of their careers and provide a full range of educational experiences.  

Extraordinary Networking - Connect virtually with other professionals who share similar goals and challenges in one-on-one networking opportunities and during the first-ever Innovation Alley showcase. 




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